11 Hobbies That Can Actually Save You Money

Either as a creative outlet or stress reliever, hobbies are usually what most people enjoy doing in their free time. While some hobbies are expensive, requiring equipment, tools, and skill, other hobbies can save you money and even earn you extra cash. If you are looking for a new, cheap hobby or just want to learn how to save money, check out the following roundup.


Purchasing brand new clothes and gifts can be expensive, but if you like to sew, you can repair and recreate clothing pieces from thrift stores to make them look modern and stylish. You can also sew homemade gifts for the holidays or special occasions. Cost to get started: Under $200 for some beginner machines.


Crafting hobbies such as jewelry making, crocheting, knitting, pottery, wood engraving, candle making, and others not only save you money on home décor and gift-giving but can also earn you money when you sell your handmade items online or at craft shows and farmer’s markets. Cost to get started: Under $100 based on ideas at Felt Magnet.


For most people, dining out is more expensive than cooking at home. You can watch online videos to learn how to create even luxurious meals at a fraction of restaurant prices. Additionally, cooking at home gives you control over what ingredients go into your food, so you and your family can eat healthier meals. Cost to get started: Under $100. Liana at Liana’s Kitchen recommends a soup maker as a good starter appliance for making quick and easy meals at home.


Eating fresh vegetables and fruits is healthy for you, but buying them in the store is hard on a budget. You don’t need a large parcel of ground to garden. You can grow fruits and vegetables in small plots, containers, or even raised beds made from wooden crates, boards, or hay bales. Cost to get started: Varies, but it can be done on a budget.

DIY Projects

If you possess a knack for do-it-yourself projects, you can you can save a heap of money on repair jobs and remodeling in your own home without draining your bank account by paying someone else to do it. If you enjoy woodworking, you can repair and create your own furniture. Additionally, you can spend a few bucks on used furniture pieces from yard sales and renovate them into beautiful items for your own home or sell them for profit. Cost: varies depending on what you need and if you already have the tools.

Home Beer Brewing (or Wine!)

We all know that beer and other alcohol is one of the more expensive habits that you can have. But, we’re not saying that you should give it up just to save a few bucks. Instead, take on the hobby of home beer brewing. That way, you can brew up your own drinks to save money and have a fun hobby. And if beer isn’t your thing, you can also make your own wine at home! Cost to get started: Under $200. Mint even notes that it saves you around $62 per year on average.


If you love to read, you can learn to do just about anything. You can read books and tutorials about everything discussed in this post from cooking inexpensive meals to DIY projects. With used bookstores, libraries, and local and online book swaps, you can enjoy your reading hobby at little cost. Cost: Free is you use your local library!

Hunting and Fishing

In the past, hunting and fishing were survival skills for our ancestors but today serve as fun hobbies for many people. Fishing and hunting wild game not only allow you to enjoy the outdoors, but they also provide you with food for your family and others. Fishing and hunting do require equipment, supplies, hunting classes, and licenses but can save you money in the long run due to the high prices of grocery-store meat. Cost to get started: Under $500 most of the time, with your weapon/gear representing the highest cost. However, you can get a hunting crossbow for around $200 and ditto for a baitcasting reel.

Working on Cars

Having your car repaired at an auto shop can really hurt your pocketbook, but if your hobby is tinkering with automobiles, you can save yourself and others big bucks. Many auto shops charge huge amounts of money for both labor and parts, and some unscrupulous shops may charge for needless repairs. However, if you can fix cars yourself, you can save tons of money for yourself and your friends. Cost to get started: Andy at Driving Geeks suggests getting started can cost as little as a few hundred bucks, depending on the repairs needed.


Being computer savvy can save you money. If you possess the gift of computer hardware knowledge, you can make your own repairs and upgrades without having to pay big bucks to someone else to do for you. Also, familiarity with computers and technology provides you with understanding and awareness of viruses and scams, protecting you online. Cost savings: hundreds of dollars at a time.


Biking and/or walking can save you money in multiple ways. This hobby saves you the gas money it would cost to drive your car in addition to wear and tear on your vehicle. Also, a regular walking and/or biking hobby could potentially save you on medical costs because it helps keep you healthy. Cost to get started: Shawn at Bikeably recommends an entry-level road bike for commuting and hobby riding, which runs between $500 and $800 for a quality bike.

By taking up any of the hobbies listed above, you are doing yourself a favor by learning a skill that can actually save you money on down the road. These are the best types of hobbies for finance-minded people like me and you.

When To Buy Outdoor Gear For The Best Price (Save On Your Hobbies!)

Doing outdoor activities, like kayaking and hiking, are great ways to spend time out in nature without spending a lot of money when you go out. Plus, outdoor activities are a great way to get a workout without needing a gym membership. However, whenever you need to buy new gear for these outdoor hobbies, it can be expensive. In fact, back before I got into kayaking, I spent a couple of years wanting to try it out but avoiding it because I thought the kayaks were too expensive. And when you’re trying to pay down debt or build up your savings, you really don’t want to spend a few hundred bucks on pretty much anything.

So, what change led me to buying a kayak and getting into this fun water sport? I realized that if I waited until the right time of the year, or bought from the right store, I would be able to get my gear for a fraction of the normal cost. The main thing is to buy your gear during the off season! Of course, you can also get discounted gear from previous seasons by shopping at Sierra Trading Post.

When To Buy Water Sports Gear?

Whether you’re into kayaking, paddle boarding, surfing, or some other water sport, the best time of year to buy your gear is late in the fall before the holiday shopping season. This is after the popular summer season, so the prices are lower and some of the brands even want to get rid of the current year’s stock because they have a new model coming out the next year. One tip that I can give you is to make sure that you research and know all of the gear that you will need to buy so that you don’t miss something and end up having to buy it at full price when the summer water sports season starts. Some of the popular things that you might not think about include life vests, dry bags, sun hats, rash guards, and surf booties.

When To Buy Snow Sports Gear?

Just like with water sports, you want to get your snowboarding, skiing and other snow gear once the season is already over. So, this will be sometime in the spring or even the summer months. That is when the brands want to get rid of their current stock to make room for the new models once the season starts back up again. And again, remember to look for something like this snowboarding gear list to make sure that you remember to get every single thing that you will need – including warm socks and a warm base layer of clothing.

When To Buy Hiking, Biking, And Rock Climbing Gear?

The thing about hiking, all types of biking, and rock climbing is that you can do these sports most of the year. That makes it a challenge to find good prices on the gear. Honestly, I’ve found that around the end of the year and just after the new year is the best time to buy things like rock climbing rope, hiking boots for women and men, road bikes, etc. What you need to look for are the models that are being replaced or discontinued in the new year. Those are the models that will have the lowest prices during this time of year,

Other Tips

If you just don’t want to wait until the off season, then I have a few more tips for you when it comes to locating cheap gear for outdoor activities.

  • Check Craigslist for people selling used gear (you can get really good deals after the holidays when people get something they don’t want as a gift!)
  • Look for an outlet store – Merrell outlet stores are great for cheap outdoor shoes like hiking boots
  • Watch for the REI garage sales – a few times a year they have big sales offering limited gear at awesome prices
  • Get a Costco membership – they often have cheap gear for sale, such as paddleboards under $500
  • Check your local Goodwill store to see if they have any cool used gear at a great price

Benefits Of Grinding Your Own Coffee (Other Than Money Saving!)

How do you like your coffee? Coffee is more than a great scent filling the thick air in your kitchen every morning. Some coffee lovers prefer ground coffee beans to grinding fresh coffee beans. This is because it saves them the time and extra expense incurred by coffee beans. However coffee is more beneficial when its seeds are ground right before brewing. The advantages of grinding your coffee beans outweigh the factors of time and expense. Let us take a peek on the pros of grinding your coffee beans.

Within a coffee bean are 400 volatile organic compounds and oils. These compounds and oils are responsible for the feelings of excitement and pleasure in your coffee. They are protected and preserved by the outer layer of a coffee bean. Exposing coffee beans earlier than needed releases the original freshness and flavor. If the compounds and oils are let out, there is a reduction of the desired pleasure and excitement. Grinding your own coffee beans eventually produces a well-preserved decaf.

In order to achieve the best-tasting coffee, freshly ground coffee beans are advisable. Grinding these beans way before brewing exposes their interiors to air and, the inner seed oxidizes. When you have ground the seeds and left them for the first 15 minutes, you eject most of the aromatic compounds. Crushed coffee loses its most precious gems; scent and flavor. On the other hand, when you grind your coffee shortly before brewing it keeps its aromatic compounds intact. Unknowingly, people prefer ground coffee yet it has insufficient flavor compared to their freshly ground counterparts.

Freshly ground coffee beans keep stomach acidity at bay. Individuals with such acidic reactions in their stomach tend to observe their diet. If they ingest the wrong foods, they are prone to other adverse health conditions. These conditions include Barrett’s Syndrome and GERD. They irritate the stomach and cause discomfort. The great news is coffee made from freshly ground seeds is good for an acidic stomach. People suffering from stomach acidity can enjoy their mug of coffee after all.
Coffee beans contain oils that are crucial to the freshness of the coffee. These lipids are often exposed to the air when the beans are pre-ground and, not brewed immediately.

They are water soluble and, thus get diluted by the moisture in the air. Additionally they evaporate into the air. Upon exposure for long periods, these oils attract contaminated odors in the surrounding. As long as the beans are ground and stored, they stand a chance of sustaining unpleasant smells. It is, therefore, better to grind your coffee right before brewing than storing stale pre-ground coffee.

Bottom line coffee is best to prepare by freshly ground beans. Ground coffee beans expose volatile organic compounds and oils to the surrounding. Such coffee is poorly preserved and loses much of its flavor. You should not expose the inner part of a coffee bean for more than 15 minutes before grinding. This way grinding your coffee beans prevents oxidization. People suffering from stomach acidity can get comfort from coffee made out of freshly ground beans. Finally, freshly ground coffee beans reduce the risk of contamination. The best cup of joe is from freshly ground coffee beans. And one quick tip – if you get up before the rest of the household, definitely go with a quiet coffee grinder as to not wake them all up when you’re getting your morning cup of java.

The Basics: How To Save Money On Groceries

There are a lot of people going shopping and looking for discount on groceries. This can become one of the biggest expenses in the home, but there are definitely other ways to save and spend much less when it comes to the money that is spent.

One of the best ways that a person can save money at the grocery store is by clipping coupons. This is always going to be at the top of the list when it comes to saving because a person can save on many different items that they may be using. It may be possible to even find coupons inside the store in different aisles on certain products that you like. Coupons are always going to make it easier for people to save money, but even more can be saved if they are going to grocery stores that have double coupon days.

A lot of people are interested in brand names, but it may also be possible to save money on food in the home by considering food that is not part of a name brand lineup. There are a lot of considerable store brands that may taste just as good as the name brands that are being purchased.

People definitely have to consider this because that can play a big part in the amount of money that is saved. Grocery shoppers do not have to cut out all of their name brand food items, but it definitely can help shopper save as much as half of the total amount that they are spending on a certain products if they will simply consider the benefits of acquiring some store brands.

Grocery shoppers should also take the time to look for the sales. It is obvious that one can save during big holidays like the 4th of July or Thanksgiving when many people are buying large amounts of food to feed families, but there are other times throughout the month where people can save just as much as well. Shoppers just have to be mindful of the coupons and the ads that are available in certain grocery store advertisements.

There are a lot of opportunities for shoppers to get buy one, get one free deals if they buy a certain brand. Sometimes it may be worth it to actually consider another type of cereal or type of chips if you are trying to save money. There may be deals on certain beverages that may not particularly be the beverages that you would buy on a regular basis, but the sale on these items can lower your grocery bill.

Lastly, it can be a great idea to check out the advertisements and actually compare the prices between different grocery stores. Every store is not going to offer the same food for the same price. Sometimes the difference is so miniscule that it may not be worth your time to choose one store over the other. At other times, however, there may be a great difference in the pricing and it may be worth the effort to get out of your comfort zone and shop at a another grocery chain to save money.

Tips For Saving Money On Your Next Trip

You may save quite a lot of money on your next trip, and you will feel as though you have planned for a trip that is half the cost you thought. You may take a number of steps that will save you money, and you will find that your trips are much more fun because you have access to money that may be used on the trip. You are free to spend your money any way you like, and these few tips will ensure that you are saving as much money as possible.

#1: Reduced Fare Airlines

You must choose from reduced fare airlines that will give you brilliant fares to your final destination. You must be willing to look at airlines that offer a stop on your trip, and the trip may be much cheaper than it would have been otherwise. You are wise to shop far in advance before the trip, and you will notice that all the fares are cheaper when you are planning before the trip starts.

#2: Consider The Train

You may beaches the chance to take a train trip to many destinations for far less than you may travel on a plane. The train trip is quite a lot of fun, and it is much cheaper in many cases. You may consider a party bus or similar bus line, and you may choose from a number of lines that will take you where you want to go.

#3: Choose Conference Hotel Rates

There are many hotels that will give you a conference rate when a conference is in-town, and there are many that will give you a discount if you call and ask the front desk. The front desk will give you a better rate because they want you to come visit them, and they will offer better customer service if you are traveling for a specific purpose.

#4: Choose Local Restaurants And Shops

Shopping local will help you save money when you are on your trip, and you will run across many local businesses that you may want to support in the future. It is much easier for you to have a lovely time on your trip when you are going to locations that offer local hospitality.

#5: Use A Travel Agent

You must use a travel agent who knows the area you wish to travel to, and they will show you the best places to stay, the attractions to choose and places to eat. Your travel agent will save you quite a lot of money, and they will save you even more time. This is an important part of the travel process, and it prevents you from doing all the work on your own.

There are many people who will enjoy using the travel agency or simply shopping smart online. You may search for ways to save money that work for you and your travel planning style. You will alter everything just a bit to ensure that you are not spending too much.